Frequently Asked Questions about the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center

Frequently Asked Questions about the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center

Who may utilize the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center?

Employees and their covered dependents that are currently enrolled in the District’s health plan at the time of their visit are eligible to utilize the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center.

Are all NISD employees eligible to utilize the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center?

No, only employees and their dependents that are currently enrolled in the district’s health plan at the time of their appointment are eligible to utilize the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center.

Does the district have access to any of the private medical information that is housed in the Health and Wellness Center?

No, all patient medical information, medical treatment and medications dispensed in the Wellness Center is private health information and can’t be shared with anyone from the district.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment call the Wellness Center at 817-215-0936, or to request an appointment through Mychart. 

What are the hours of operation at the Health and Wellness Center?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Tuesday and Thursdays  7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Clinic will only be closed for lunch 12-1 if there is a meeting in progress and will be posted on the door. 

Appointments will be every 20 minutes except for the initial appointment to review medical history. 

Is the NISD Health and Wellness Center like a regular physician’s office?

Only NISD eligible employees and their covered dependents will be treated in the Center. Patients will be seen at their appointment times and there should be minimal wait time. If someone comes to the Center ill we will attempt to provide treatment and medication that would allow the patient to return to work or school.

Who are the staff members at the Health and Wellness Center?

Dr. Ochuele Odumosu is the physician for the clinic.

Will Dr. Odumosu see children in the Center?

Dr. Odumosu will treat children of all ages at the Center. However, children will still need to see the pediatrician for routine immunizations

Will Dr. Odumosu conduct annual OB/GYN Well Woman examinations? Yes

Will Dr. Odumosu conduct a general annual physical for both males and females?

Yes, Dr.  can conduct general and sports physicals for eligible participants.

If I wake up ill first thing in the morning is it possible to be seen in the center that day?

Most likely you will be able to be seen that day. There are appointments that are blocked throughout the day for just such reasons. During cold and flu season it may be a little more difficult to be seen.

What do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?

Your driver’s license and your insurance card will need to be presented for verification purposes.

What are the guidelines for making an appointment at the Center?

• Staff members must schedule appointments before school, after school, during planning periods or lunch periods whenever possible.
• The employee notifies their supervisor immediately upon scheduling an appointment.
• E-mail notification to the supervisor is acceptable if notification is provided greater than 9 hours prior to the appointment time.
• Appointments made with less than 9 hours advanced notice require direct contact with employee’s supervisor.
• In most cases it will not be necessary for the employee to have a prescription filled prior to their return to campus.
• The employee will be issued a return to work slip from the Wellness Center indicating the time they reported to the clinic and the departure time from the clinic.
• If an employee has an immediate need for medication that is not available in the clinic, the clinic staff will note on the return to work slip that the employee was sent to fill a prescription.
• Upon return to the campus, the employee must provide the return to work slip to the office manager or sub coordinator. Failure to provide the return to work slip may result in the employee being charged leave.
• Employees who fail to return to their work location in a timely manner may lose the privilege of being released to utilize the clinic during school hours and or could be charged for leave. Charged leave will be in half day increments as appropriate.
• Excessive absences for clinic utilization will be reviewed by the Principal and the Risk Management department to determine whether or not leave should be charged to an employee.
• The maximum acceptable amount of time that may be allocated for appointment in the Wellness Center will be dependent upon campus location. Those campuses with the greatest distance from the Clinic site will be provided adequate drive time to and from the clinic within their appointment schedule. The campuses located closest to the clinic will have the shortest amount of time allocated for clinic appointments. At no time should the amount of time away from campus exceed 90 minutes.
• Each of your campuses will have specific procedures and guidelines for scheduling appointments.

If my physician writes me a prescription for medication that is available in the Wellness Center, what is the process for obtaining my medication?

You must contact the Center to make an appointment to get your prescription. Employees and covered dependents that do not have an appointment will not be issued medication until they follow the appointment process.

What if I am unable to make my appointment?
We would prefer to please contact the Wellness Center as soon as possible so that your appointment time can be filled by another staff member. 

What if I am running late for my appointment?

If you arrive for your appointment 15 minutes late or more you will have to reschedule your appointment for a later date and time.

Where can I find a list of medications that eligible participants will have access to at the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center?

A Wellness Center web site has been created on the district’s web site. Simply log into the district web site and select the Wellness Center under the Staff menu item. All medications in the Health and Wellness Center are generic brands. There are no controlled substances such as pain medications that will be housed in the Center.

What if I receive a prescription from the Wellness Center and the pharmacist has a question regarding the prescription?

Please contact the Wellness Center at 817-215-0936 during normal business hours. We ask that you extend the professional courtesy to Dr. Odumosu and the staff by not driving over to the center outside of the normal business times or tracking the Doctor down in the parking lot.

Am I required to use the clinic?

No, you may continue to access medical services with your preferred service provider. The clinic is designed to offer a high quality/low cost medical option for individuals and their dependents enrolled in the district’s insurance program. The option to access the clinic may be limited and/or eliminated for employees who abuse clinic procedures or staff.
Frequently Asked Questions about the NISD Employee Health and Wellness Center