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The Northwest Independent School District recognizes that highly-trained professionals have the greatest impact on student learning. Our students need teachers who are trained in effective strategies and have in-depth content knowledge, so that they can support students in content development and process skills. NISD strives to offer professional learning opportunities that enhance teachers’ knowledge, skills, performance and attitudes. The chart below is based on Robert Marzano's research regarding effective teachers and schools and shows the importance of us all working together to develop professional learning opportunities and plans that are aligned to district, campus, and personal professional goals.


Effective Teachers and Effective Schools Change Lives

School & Teacher Scenario

Achievement Percentile After Two Years

Average School & Average Teacher


Least Effective School and Least Effective Teacher


Most Effective School and Least Effective Teacher


Least Effective School and Most Effective Teacher


Most Effective School and Most Effective Teacher


Most Effective School and Average Teacher


Marzano, Robert. (2003). What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action . Arlington VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, p 74.