Northwest ISD elementary schools begin Chromebook use
Northwest ISD elementary schools begin Chromebook use
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Schluter recently became the first Northwest ISD elementary to begin Chromebook use

Elementary schools across Northwest ISD will all soon have Chromebooks for classroom use, expanding the district’s philosophy of ensuring all students are future-ready learners.

Schluter Elementary School was the first primary-level school to receive Chromebooks, due in large part because the campus is already undergoing renovations. Special charging stations were added to appropriate Schluter classrooms – and will be added to appropriate classrooms at all elementary schools – to power the new devices for student use.

The addition of Chromebooks to elementary classrooms adds to Northwest ISD’s 1:1 technology initiative at the secondary level, where all students receive Chromebooks. As part of the elementary plan, all third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms will each have a full class set of Chromebooks.

Becca Pohly, a fifth-grade math and science teacher at Schluter, said the new Chromebooks help students continue their technological progress that usually begins at home.

“I really think the kind of learners we’re dealing with now are digital natives,” she said. “This is their backyard – it’s a natural extension for the kids that we’re teaching when they have this technology in their hands. I think we’re going to find they have a lot of foundational skills already in place, and that will make it really easy to use it as an extension of our learning platform.”

All third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms across the district are scheduled to have Chromebooks by the end of the fall semester

All elementary schools are anticipated to have Chromebooks by the end of the current semester. Elementary schools will receive the devices on a rolling basis, as some schools need to be retrofitted to make room for the necessary charging stations.

Joshua Bruno, a fourth-grader at Schluter, said using Chromebooks is more exciting because technology helps him find answers for difficult questions.

“I really want to use Chromebooks in science because sometimes I don’t know the answers to things in science, but I really want to know the answers,” he said. “I can search for them on a Chromebook or I can use the microphone – I’d say, ‘OK, Google,’ and start asking questions I need help with.”

Mrs. Pohly said students aren’t the only ones ready for Chromebooks at the elementary level, as parents have also expressed interest in more technology at younger ages.

“I have received a lot of valuable feedback from parents that they’re excited,” Mrs. Pohly said. “They’re excited to see their tax dollars being used this way as the district rallies behind technology usage to provide kids with the best training for the future.”

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