Parent Resources

Helping at Home

Every parent wants to help support their child’s learning at home. Here are some easy ways for you to help build your child’s literacy in a way that is fun and interactive:

  • Read aloud to your child, every night. Get creative and use interesting tone, inflection, and character voices to make it exciting.
  • Take your child to rent audio books from your local library. Most libraries will issue a library card to children through a guardian’s account, making it really exciting for kids to use their very own card for rentals.
  • For younger children, engage in fun word play games around the house. For example, think of words that rhyme with “mop”, or think of words with the same beginning sound as “door”.
  • Students who have been identified with dyslexia have access to Learning Ally, a website which offers a robust digital audio book library.  Contact your campus Dyslexia Specialist for access.

For reading and writing accessibility:

  • “Read and Write” – Chrome web extension link looks like the sorts of features students may see on a STAAR A or STAAR L, text to speech, highlighting etc.
  • “Readability”- Chrome web extension link that provides a clean version of a web page without ads and distractors, may also be useful for teachers to create a clear version of a web page for viewing on a screen, without distractors.
  • “Claro Speak” – a good word processing software that provides predictive text and speech to text.
  • “Google Dictionary” -Chrome web extension link that provides ready access to a dictionary, including pronunciation.