Instructional Expectations

Instructional Expectations


At NISD we are committed to student success through teaching, learning, creativity and innovation.  We do this every day through engaging students in purposeful utilization of technology resources and research-based, creative instructional strategies.

These instructional strategies represent the standard expectations in NISD Social Studies classrooms.  

Workshop Model : The workshop model is a best practice that lasts the entire class period.

Journaling/Critical Writing -Journals/Notebooks and Critical Writing should take place every day in the Social Studies Classroom.   Journals should incorporate the use of contemporary and/or historical thinking skills, document analysis, thinking maps and student reflection of concepts and content learned through daily/weekly lessons.  Students may also include note, warmups and other daily Social Studies activities in their journals.  Students should be writing in their journals a minimum of 3-5 times a week.  

Historical Thinking Skills: Each Social Studies classroom should work on Historical Thinking Skills and primary and secondary source document analysis on a regular basis.