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Our Health Services Mission:
To provide and promote coordinated school health services
for every child in Northwest ISD.
Every Kid, every day.

Please see other Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q: If my student will be going to school remotely, will he/she need to have updated shot records?
A:  The state of Texas has determined that students will need to be current on all required shots (unless exempted for reasons of conscious, religion or medical condition) regardless of whether the student is taking classes in person or remotely. 

Q: Will students with ASTHMA be able to receive Nebulizer treatments at school this year?
A:  Medication will not be given via Nebulizer on campus until/unless certain conditions can be met.   Nebulization creates airborne particles that can travel many feet, making it difficult to contain them in one area.   Please ask your doctor to consider a Multidose Inhaler with a SPACER.

Q:  Will students with Asthma be exempt from wearing masks?
A:  All students will be required to wear a mask in accordance with guidelines from the CDC, TEA and our local health departments.

Q:  What will the clinics look like this fall?
A:  Clinic space, where curtains, cots, restrooms and sinks are available, will be reserved for students with fever or other signs of potentially contagious illnesses until parents can pick them up.     Campuses will also have designated spaces for students to get medications and/or routine care without being exposed to students with fever or potential contagious illness.   Nurses will triage students and determine the best location for them.   

Q:  Will medications from last year be saved for next year?
A:  Medications that are not picked up by May 22 (in some cases, sooner) will be destroyed per NISD Policy.   We are unable to keep medications from year to year.   For the 2020-2021 school year, you will need a NEW Medication Administration Form and will need to bring medication to your campus nurse in August, 2020.  

Our first priority in Northwest ISD is to keep students safe.   In addition, we assist students to be comfortable and promote a healthy lifestyle. Each campus has a full time Campus Health Coordinator who assesses students throughout the day to determine if complaints are urgent and/or if students are able to remain in class.  Each Campus Health Coordinator also assists to identify and address chronic health conditions.  We also monitor immunizations, perform state mandated health screenings and promote wellness throughout the year. Each school is equipped with a health room or clinic area that is designed to treat minor injuries and provide a temporary place for students to stay if they become ill at school.

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