Eaton staff, first class leaders pave the way
Eaton staff, first class leaders pave the way
Posted on 07/24/2018
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Eaton's Tammi Prevett and Cassie Weaver pose for a photo

By Shelby Sellars
Eaton High School Alumna

Senior Year. We’ve all been waiting for it, but do we know how much effort goes into making it a success? Students and staff at V.R. Eaton High School continuously strive for a relentless pursuit of excellence as the school hosts its first class of seniors.

While many staff members at Eaton are involved with the senior class, we owe most of our thanks to the 2018 class sponsor, Tami Prevett. The class sponsor’s job is nowhere near easy, especially for the very first graduating class. Mrs. Prevett’s role entails organizing fundraisers for our class, events such as senior sunrise and sunset, prom and graduation – anything that involves the senior class, Mrs. Prevett is behind.

She spends countless hours ensuring our senior year is unforgettable. On top of all that, she spends the rest of her time as the full-time director of the Eaton Sapphires drill team for their year-round season. After a full day with her dancers and students, Mrs. Prevett still must make time to be with her family. It is apparent that Mrs. Prevett has a very full plate but remains dedicated to pursuing excellence for our class.

Mrs. Prevett shared that her personal experiences allowed her to ensure the best senior year possible. Growing up, she too was a part of the first graduating class at a new high school in her hometown.

“I know the importance of setting traditions and wanting to be the first of everything in the school,” she said. “I want us to be remembered as the first graduating class.”

“The class really came through and worked together – it was incredible.”

Because she has seen this through the eyes of a student before, she knows exactly what we as seniors want.

An important part of the class sponsor’s job is to work with our class officers. Assisting Mrs. Prevett is Cassie Weaver, Eaton’s 2018 class president. Her responsibilities include overseeing the other officers, helping organize fundraisers and senior events, and ensuring that the year runs smoothly. One of the first events Cassie, Mrs. Prevett, and the other officers put together was our very first senior sunrise, a planned annual event. Being the first senior class, this year’s sunrise will set the tone for years to come, Cassie said.

“Putting this together, I felt like I was flying blind – I didn't know how many people would show up, who was going to bring food, how the details would work out, were people going to enjoy themselves, but it worked out better than I imagined,” she explained. “The class really came through and worked together – it was incredible.”

Most students do not see the work that goes into planning activities, they just show up and have fun. Cassie is an example of the hard work and dedication needed to create such a special year for our first senior class.

When asked for final advice to give this year’s senior class, Mrs. Prevett and Cassie were both in agreement with living each day to its fullest.

Cassie shared that she hopes that students do not take this year for granted, because in her words, “It really is the end of something special. We have such an incredible opportunity to leave something behind for the future graduating classes and the culture of Eaton High School.”

Eaton students take a photo at a pep rally

Mrs. Prevett said that if there was anything she could tell her younger self, it would be to “enjoy each day, because it really does fly by.”

Our final chapter here at Eaton is coming to a close. For three years, the Class of 2018 has spent every day together. For three years, we’ve been preparing for life after high school. For three years, we’ve been putting together a memorable senior year. We are at the year of lasts: last first day of school, last time cheering on the football team at Northwest ISD stadium, last time seeing most of the faces we’ve grown so used to seeing daily.

After spending three years of building a legacy as the first Eagles of Eaton High School, the Class of 2018 is ready to leave the nest.

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2017-18 issue of Northwest Navigator magazine.