Katherine Ramirez
Byron Nelson High School Student honored at Congress of Future Medical Leaders
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Katherine Ramirez of Byron Nelson High School was selected to receive the Award of Excellence and was inducted to the Torch and Laurel National Honor Society at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. She flew out to Boston and participated in the event held from June 25-27.

Ramirez, who will be a junior at Byron Nelson in the fall of 2016, is a part of the Academy of Biomedical Sciences and is very passionate about her studies and helping others through medicine. She was notified that she would be invited to the congress in Boston, which is an honors program created to help expose young people to the possibilities of sciences and medicine. She explained that through this opportunity she was able to meet extraordinary people and learn how the world of science could create a greater tomorrow.

Katherine was also chosen to represent Byron Nelson as the recipient of the Award of Excellence and was inducted into the Torch and Laurel Society, which is a select group of aspiring young people in the medical and science fields. Ramirez conveyed her feelings of joy in being picked to receive these honors, saying, “The Award of Excellence is not merely an award; it is an inspiration, and a token of gratitude for being interested and having a potential in a field upon which the world so highly depends.” She goes on to say, “Being accepted into the Torch and Laurel National Honor society influences my life as it is not the typical honor society. It is a premiere organization that was built to distinguish excellent scholars, but more so prepare them for college.”

Monica Valenta, one of Katherine’s teachers at Byron Nelson, was very proud of her and her accomplishments. “I am excited for Katherine and this opportunity! She is an extremely tenacious, hardworking and high achieving student and we know she will have represented us and NISD proudly!”

Ms. Ramirez is inspired by the trials that she went through herself and what she has seen others go through as well. At age nine Katherine underwent severe surgery after an illness to her digestive tract threatened her life. She also details the numerous surgeries her father went through to cure a detached retina. Through these many difficulties, medicine and science has been there continually for Ramirez. “I want to continue these miracles and I want to be an active force in medicine. I want to help to change the impossible, but most of all I want to expose the light when all people can see is the darkness,” said Ramirez.

Katherine would like to ultimately complete research in the quest to cure Alzheimer’s as well as eventually repair a spinal cord to give someone the ability to walk. But she says that her true passion lies in becoming a neuro-ophthalmologist as she is very interested in human vision. Hoping to complete various studies in retinopathy conditions, Katherine says that after returning from this congress she now sees that nothing is impossible.