New 2019-2020 Policies
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What’s new for 2019-2020


  1. Seating requirements have changed.  Minimum distance between students reduced to 3 feet left to right - measured from center of desk.
  2. Staff to student ratios have been changed for accommodated rooms. 1 staff: 20 students Room monitor is not needed until 21 or more students.
  3. MP3 audio content is now delivered via a streaming application.
  1. A link to download the app is found on MP3 Streaming Instructions Page
  2. All MP3 audio testing still takes place over two days
  3. Proctors must have necessary access for setting up the MP3 Streaming format on test day
  1. Additional policies/procedures for schools testing’s all/part in off-site facilities
  2. Answer sheets will be shipped separately from test books for initial order
  3. Mobile Opt In policies no longer in shipment.  Refer to “Privacy Statement
  4. If reporting an irregularity, you are required to apply a pink “Irregularity Report” label to the outside of each box in your return shipment of used answer documents.  
  5. Encourage schools to allow eligible EL students to test with 50% extended time for the entire assessment.  Can test in an accommodation room as long as no accommodations are being administered that require a different time or break schedule.

For more details, please see the New Testing Policies on the College Board website.