PSAT Tools
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PSAT Tools

Resources (some are templates that can be modified for your campus):
Approved Calculators
Coordinator Training PT - MS (template)
Homeschool Spreadsheet 
Preparing for the PSAT - Students (template)
Quick Steps Test Administrator
Responsibility and Checklist - MS 
Responsibility and Checklist - HS
Room List with Assignments
Seating Chart Template #1
Seating Chart Template #2
Staff Training PSAT Coordinator Training-PPT
Staff Training PPT-High School (template)
Student PPT - MS (template)
Student PPT - HS (template)
Supervisor Training PT - HS (template)

Homeschool Letter (template)
Parent Letter - MS (template)
Parent Letter - HS (template)
Student Email - MS (template)
Student Email - HS (template)

PSAT/NMSQT Coordinator Manual 2019-2020
PSAT 8/9 Coordinator Manual 2019-2020
PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide 2019-2020

* Reminder - Coordinator Manual includes Proctor Manual this year. 

Accommodations for Students:

Taking the PSAT 8/9 with Accommodations (link to College Board)
College Board Accommodations (Outline Statement for Middle Schools)

PSAT Training from Sept. 17  (Given by RAAD to Middle/High School)
PSAT Coordinator Training to be Completed for College Board (Link)

To Reset Graphing Calculators:

Different models may vary a bit, but here is a general idea:

  • Press and release the [2nd] key
  • Press and release the [+] key or whichever key reads MEM above it in yellow. (this is what may vary on different models of calculators)
  • Select 7:Reset (this may be it, or you may have to continue on, depending on model)
  • Select 1 All RAM
  • Select 2 Reset ALL