Volunteer Campuses of the Year
Beck Elementary and Chisholm Trail Middle School Named Volunteer Campuses of the Year
Posted on 10/02/2020
Beck Elementary staff awarded with yard sign

Congratulations to NISD’s Volunteer Campus of the Year award winners for the 2019-2020 school year!

Beck Elementary staff awarded 
Beck Elementary was NISD’s elementary campus award winner — logging more than 7,900 service hours. Beck’s top five volunteers were Carla Ruth (198 hours), Amber Cashon (197 hours), Beth Ann Sands (158 hours), Alicia Jones (147 hours) and Kelli Ross (136 hours).

Chisholm Trail staff awarded

 Chisholm Trail Middle School won the volunteer award for secondary campuses with 1,747 volunteer hours for the year. Chisholm Trail’s top five campus volunteers were Kara Looney (202 hours), Deidre Murphy (154 hours), Jennifer Smith (145 hours), Bryanna Wallace (141 hours) and Charlene Mitchell (140 hours).

 Northwest ISD would like to personally thank volunteers throughout the district who donate their time and efforts in order to make NISD campuses the very best they can be.

Additional volunteer award images can be found on the district's Flickr account.