13 Cosmetology Academy Seniors Receive Licenses
13 Cosmetology Academy Seniors Receive Licensure Before Graduation
Posted on 05/17/2021
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Northwest ISD’s 
Cosmetology Academy — housed within Steele Accelerated High School — provides students with opportunities to gain significant first-hand experiences and become licensed cosmetologists after a four-year plan of study. 13 academy seniors accomplished just that, receiving their fully accredited cosmetology license weeks before high school graduation.

“Through the Cosmetology Academy, I learned the practical and technical skills to succeed and get a head start in my career after high school,” said Makenna Knapp, a now licensed cosmetologist.

The academy's newly licensed professionals will graduate with the competitive advantage of working in the cosmetology industry while advancing their education immediately upon graduation. Many will enjoy the flexibility of scheduling or choosing from numerous specializations within the personal care industry as entry level employees. These opportunities work well with a collegiate schedule, while not demanding too much study or personal time.

“During the past four years I’ve spent in the Cosmetology Academy, I’ve learned how to manage my time and work efficiently,” said licensed cosmetologist Audrey Dean. “I’ve also been able to develop effective communication skills.”

With the academy’s full-service Shears of Steele salon located on campus, students have access to practice their learned skills on actual clients while obtaining valuable certifications. Not only did Dean and senior mentor Jessica Cabrera both receive their own individual cosmetology licenses, but they also received their Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Cosmetology Operator licensure, allowing them to open their own salon, if desired.

Shellsea Palma believes the hands-on approach to the academy greatly enriched her learning opportunities.

“I gained experience through managing multiple tasks that needed to be completed by a deadline. I value what I learned in knowing how to treat people and how to provide a quality service.”

In order to be considered for Texas cosmetology state licensure, students must complete 1000 hours in a cosmetology-related field. Each high school graduate completing the program within Steele Accelerated High School is granted an additional 500 hours for meeting graduation requirements in English, math, and science, totaling 1500 hours.

Following the coursework requirements, students must pass a written and practical exam while meeting all high school graduation requirements.

The following is a complete list of licensure earners from NISD’s 2020-2021 Cosmetology Academy.

Reilee Abels
Amber Arriola
Jessica Cabrera
Audrey Dean
Julia Jones
Makenna Knapp
Amanda Ledesma
Kate McDaniel
Ashlyn Overton
Shellsea Palma
Annalyssia Quijada
Samantha Ramirez
Rebecca Swyers

Steele Accelerated High School’s graduation will take place on May 28, 2021.

To learn more about NISD’s Cosmetology Academy, please visit their website