Math Acceleration
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Examinations for Math Acceleration, Grades 1 - 7

The Northwest Independent School District (NISD) provides students in grades 1 through 7, who are currently enrolled in the District and meet specific eligibility criteria, opportunities to advance in math beyond their enrolled grade level through Examinations for Math Acceleration. Acceleration is the state’s term for receiving credit for school work not taken.

The acceleration process involves skipping classroom instruction for a grade level or course. Students must demonstrate mastery of the math standards above their current grade level and for which s/he has not received any formal classroom instruction. This includes 6th & 7th graders who choose to move from on-level to Pre-AP Math. A credit-by-exam (CBE) is required because they have not received instruction on some grade level standards due the compacted curriculum in Pre-AP math courses. Mastery is determined by meeting the district criterion on a locally developed and locally assessed CBE test.

  • Students in elementary grades K through 5 must score 90% or higher on the exam(s) to be considered for mathematics acceleration.
  • Students in grades 6 through 7 must score 80% or higher on the exam(s) to be considered for mathematics acceleration. 

Current NISD students (grades K through 7) who exhibit both process and critical thinking skills beyond the norm on a consistent basis will be eligible to accelerate in math beyond their enrolled grade level. Students must also exhibit mathematical skills beyond basic computation or rote memorization. Acceleration is not for everyone. Before registering to taking the Math Acceleration Exam, parents and students should watch the Math Acceleration for Elementary Students video and refer to  Is Math Acceleration Right for My Child? for additional factors to consider.

Recommended criteria for accelerating in math:

Students who accelerating in math will be responsible for any state testing for the above grade level standards being taught.

Accelerated Math Pathway

Grade Level

Grade Level of Math Instruction



2nd Grade TEKS



3rd Grade TEKS



4th Grade TEKS

4th grade STAAR


5th Grade TEKS

5th grade STAAR


6 & 7 Compacted Advanced Math (6th & 7th grade TEKS)

6th grade STAAR


Advanced Pre-Algebra (8th grade TEKS)

8th grade STAAR


Advanced Algebra 1

Algebra EOC


PreAP Geometry

8th grade STAAR


PreAP Algebra 2




AP Calculus AB or BC/TAMS


AP Calculus BC/AP Stats/Dual Credit/Independent Study/TAMS

For details about the Math Acceleration Exam including how to register, visit Credit by Examination.