School Resource Officers
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Our SRO Partners and Program

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is a partnership between local police departments and Northwest ISD that is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of law enforcement officers within the schools for the purpose of enforcing laws, conducting presentations to students, faculty and parents, as well as counseling/mentoring students. 

The SRO Program is designed to facilitate student pride toward the school, assist the school administration in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and provide professional police services in an informative and educational manner to the district. It is important to realize that the officer has been placed in the school to help maintain a safe, orderly, and secure atmosphere for learning. But equally important, he is there to act as a resource person, to assist any student or educator with the resolution of problems coming within the purview of the officer. Whenever problems occur at school, the officer is immediately available to take the needed action. The SRO is a classroom resource for instruction in the law related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention and other areas. 

Program goals include:

  • Provide a safer educational environment that is beneficial to learning
  • Reduction of criminal offenses committed by juveniles and young adults
  • Establish rapport with students
  • Establish rapport with parents, faculty, staff, administrators and other adults
  • Create and expand programs with vision and creativity to increase student participation, which benefits students, the school district and the community
  • Present a positive role image for students and adults

Duties of an S.R.O. include, but are not limited to: monitoring campus safety and security, serving as law enforcement resource for the students and faculty, enforcing criminal law violations and counseling with students, parents and school staff to resolve problems or misunderstanding in order to reduce the possibility of criminal activity and violence.

The following officers are assigned to the Northwest ISD School Resource Officer Team.

Northwest High School Officers

moore    L-West 
 Fort Worth Officer, Tamera Moore 
Campus Office Phone: 817-215-0348

  Fort Worth Officer, Lawrence West
Campus Office Phone: 817-215-0313
Byron Nelson High School    Byron Nelson High School
 Northcutt   aw
Trophy Club Officer, Cody Northcutt
 Campus Office Phone: 817-698-5701

  Roanoke Officer, Adam Watkins
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-5614

  V.R. Eaton High School    V.R. Eaton High School
 Gentry   Estes
Fort Worth Officer, Kimberly Gentry
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-7366
  Fort Worth Officer, Chris Deluna
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-3566  


Steele Accelerated HS    Medlin MS
 Stroud    RS
Roanoke Officer, Alan Moody
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-5811

   Trophy Club Officer, Roseann Sears
Campus Office Phone: 817-215-0519 

Pike Middle School    Tidwell Middle School
 rt    Garcia
Fort Worth Officer, Donald Thomas
Campus Office Phone: 817-215-0438
   Fort Worth Officer, Kenneth Garcia
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-5920


Chisholm Trail Middle School    Wilson Middle School
 Scalco    Lara
Wise County Deputy, Joe Scalco 
Campus Office Phone: 817-215-0625

   Fort Worth Officer, Gilbert Lara
Campus Office Phone: 817-698-7953


Leo Adams Middle School    
Fort Worth Officer, Dan Bailey 
Campus Office Phone: