Child/Sexual Abuse
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The focus of our District’s K-12 guidance lesson this month is on child/sexual abuse. Providing preventive programming in this area is mandated by the State of Texas for all schools to help in protecting our children. Specifically, the topic of sexual abuse is of a sensitive nature and will be discussed with elementary students in terms of personal body safety. Counselors will use age-appropriate terminology such as “private parts” or “body parts covered by a swimsuit.”

In Texas, sexual abuse cases constitute 68% of the total reported cases of abuse. With this alarming statistic, we must do our part, as parents and educators, to protect our children from child predators. One might believe that most children are molested by strangers. This, however, is a myth. In reality, 85-95% of children are molested by a known perpetrator and not a stranger. Typically, the offender has access to your child and has worked to build trust with him/her.

Please partner with us in talking to your kids about the prevention of child and sexual abuse. Our children need to know what appropriate touches are and to recognize when inappropriate behavior is occurring. They CAN SAY NO if someone is touching them inappropriately. Children must understand the abuser could be ANY adult close to him/her and to not be afraid to tell if this type of behavior occurs. Please see the resource links below to provide further information on child and sexual abuse.  


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