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Northwest ISD will provide premier programs to ensure that all students are successful learners.

With a vision that all students will graduate college and career ready, programs have been created which provide a clear, aligned curriculum and professional development focuses on high student success and preparation for future-ready students. Northwest ISD graduates will need to transfer their knowledge, understanding and skills to new situations throughout their careers, embracing adaptability and the fast-paced transitions and changes in the global society. NISD engages students in rigorous and relevant curriculum, instruction, assessment and technology applications to prepare them to be lifelong learners with the skills needed to adapt and develop.

Stephanie Espinosa, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Curriculum and Staff Development

Profile of a Graduate

As 21st century citizens, Northwest Independent School District (NISD) students must be prepared with high levels of academic strength including literacy, digital skills, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. The mission of NISD is to provide a premier education, preparing all students to be successful, productive citizens. Embedded in our vision is that our students will be future ready: ready for college, ready for the global workplace, and ready for personal success.