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Northwest Independent School District
“Green Cord” Community Service Award Program

What is the NISD “Green Cord” Community Service Award Program?
The “Green Cord” Community Service Award Program is an initiative designed to help high school students gain a sense of community service, pride, and ownership. The program is a way to encourage 9-12 grade students to contribute at least 100 hours of approved community service per school year. Those students meeting these requirements will be recognized as Green Cord award recipients in each high school year they complete 100 or more hours.
  • Students can be recognized all four years.
  • Students meeting and/or exceeding requirements for community service (100 hours/year) will be awarded a Green Cord patch for each year of participation.
  • During the senior year, graduates will have the option to purchase a “Green Cord” for each year of achievement (100 hours/year) to wear during the high school graduation ceremony.
Who should participate in the program?
This program is for any student who wants to complete community service hours for personal satisfaction, community service recognition, and to enhance their college admissions and scholarship opportunities. Any student who wants recognition for completing 100 or more community service hours per year should participate in the “Green Cord” program.

Why volunteer in your community?
  • Through volunteer service, people can strengthen and improve the quality of life within their communities and help themselves and others to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.
  • Volunteering is beneficial because it builds self esteem, passes on social values and instills the responsibility of a personal commitment by giving back to the community through service.
  • Community service hours can be used for college and work applications.
  • Volunteer work can introduce you to a future career and give you valuable experience and insight.
When do the 100 hours of community service need to be completed?
To be counted toward the annual “Green Cord” award, hours must be turned in by April 12, 2019. Hours can be earned from May 1 – April 12.
Green Cord

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