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Northwest ISD is proud to offer band to all students in grades 6-12. Students in band learn instruments in the brass, woodwind, and percussion families, and routinely perform in concerts, parades, pep rallies, football games, and other community events.

Northwest ISD is home to the Byron Nelson Bobcat Marching Band, the Eaton Eagle Marching Band, and the Northwest Texan Marching Band.  

NISD High School Bands

Byron Nelson High School Band
Jed Weeks
John Bingaman
Brad Toth
Michael Moore
Paul Elder
Matt Moore
Jason Williams

Jim Boulet
Matthew Cho
Christopher Lennox

NISD Middle School Bands

Adams Middle School Band
Alycia Bingaman
Nicole Loyd
Stephanie Northam

Chisholm Trail Middle School Band
John Weeks
Jennifer Lane

Medlin Middle School Band
Ashley Coleman
Ethan Munger
Jack Forbis
Jennifer Haden
Renee Quinlan
Chris Gonzalez
Rothman Tafel
Ray Hilley
Chad Waterman