Elementary Music
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Northwest ISD is proud to offer a rigorous music program to every elementary student in the district. Students receive musical instruction each week in grades K-5 in the areas of music reading, audiating, rhythm, tone, singing and instruments.
Elementary music students routinely perform in school musicals, choir concerts, community events and PTA meetings. NISD offers a blended curriculum that embraces the philosophy of Kodaly, Orff, and Feirerabend. Students learn to read and perform music from a variety of genres.

For many elementary students, music class is the highlight of their day because it is a fun environment that fosters individual creativity as well as team work.

Elementary Music/Choir Staff

Kay Granger - Paula Brown,Karina Server
W.R. Hatfield -Naoko Harada
J. Lyndal Hughes -Kylie Probst
Lakeview -Monica Adams
Lance Thompson - Kayla Gentry
Sonny & Allegra Nance -Courtney Teters
O.A. Peterson - Windy ChoMackenzie Probst
Prairie View -Marie Nassiff
Roanoke -Erin Pitts
Schluter -Linda MorrisKristen Sotero
Sendera Ranch - Sophia Cox
Seven Hills -Tiffany Howe