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School Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling services provide a comprehensive school-counseling program that promotes the academic, college/career, social/emotional growth of all students.

J FarberJamie Farber, Ed.D.
Director of Guidance and Counseling

Truancy Intervention Counselor - Byron Nelson Feeder Pattern 
Sarah Matteson, LMSW

Truancy Intervention Counselor - Eaton Feeder Pattern
Taylor Cameron, LPC

Truancy Intervention Counselor - Northwest Feeder Pattern 
Rachel Walker, LPC

At-Risk Counselor - Special Programs Center 
Irene Myers, CSC, LMSW

Intervention Counselor - Byron Nelson HS
Ryan Laney, LPC

Intervention Counselor - Eaton HS
Noel Wilson, LCSW-S

Intervention Counselor - Northwest HS
Daniela Bermea, LMSW

Northwest ISD's Anonymous Tipline provided by Northwest ISD Safety and Security


Help Increase Awareness

NISD students joined the One Voice, One Choice alliance to create our district-wide message.


Real Talks

Throughout the school year, Northwest ISD counselors and educators will focus on various social/emotional topics to educate our students in the areas of awareness and prevention. As we strive to prepare kids for life’s challenges, we invite you to join in these same conversations at home.


One Voice, One Choice

Northwest ISD’s One Voice, One Choice alliance was formed to focus on vital social/emotional topics such as suicide prevention, substance abuse prevention, anti-bullying, healthy relationships, internet safety, and child/sexual abuse.

Northwest ISD Guidance and Counseling

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


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