Financial Literacy Classes
NEF Offers Financial Literacy Program
Posted on 05/13/2021
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The Northwest ISD Education Foundation (NEF), along with NISD Partners in Education and Parenting Education, partnered with Charles Schwab last week to offer a series of financial literacy classes for parents. 

financial literacy classes offered by NEF and NISD

The classes — which were held virtually — gave parents more information on college fund planning, saving money and budgeting, and planning and saving for retirement. Charles Schwab financial consultants volunteered to present the information. 

These workshops were just one part of a $10,000 financial literacy grant funded by Charles Schwab. NEF executive director Jennifer Burton said the goal of the programs is to bring the expertise of Charles Schwab to NISD families so that students and caregivers are prepared to make confident financial decisions.

“The ongoing partnership between Charles Schwab and NEF is invaluable,” Burton said. “It is because of their generous contribution that we can partner with NISD to provide equitable opportunity for anyone in the NISD community to attend financial literacy classes at no cost.”

This fall, Northwest ISD students will have the chance to attend a “reality store” where they will go through the process of creating a budget and paying for everyday expenses. Students will be assigned a job and receive a salary commensurate to their job. They’ll then be asked to pay utility bills, rent, buy groceries and more to practice budgeting their money. 

This program, which was originally planned to coincide with the grand opening of the Charles Schwab Headquarters last spring, was cancelled due to COVID. NISD Partners in Education Specialist Hailee Fojtasek said they are eager to have volunteer employees from Schwab come and run this program for our students next school year.

“The first-hand knowledge they will be consuming is a one of a kind opportunity,” Fojtasek said. “Not many students get to experience real-life scenarios presented by top experts nationwide in the field.”