Banquet Protocols
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Spring 2021 Virtual or In-Person (or Hybrid) Banquets - COVID Safety Protocols

  • In-Person will be allowed on campus (FFA @ Ag Barn). The capacity of the space will be determined based on current COVID protocols. (Currently spaces are at 100% capacity). Attendees will be identified and approved by the coach/director/sponsor, including whether or not parents/guests will be allowed to attend.
  • If food is provided individuals should remain 6 ft. apart when actively eating or drinking.
  • No parents/boosters can decorate on-site during the school day. Coaches, directors, and sponsors are responsible for any set up of decorations if done during the school day.
  • All District COVID Health and Safety Protocols must be adhered to.
  • All participants must be socially distanced a minimum of three feet. Masks are required for every person while indoors. (We recommend sitting by family or using seating charts etc.) Use best judgement to keep students and families safe.
  • All participants must check-in with the district COVID reporting QR code and complete the survey affirming they do not have COVID symptoms and that they have not been in close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed with COVID.
  • Tickets for parents available if space allows.
    • Prioritize seniors first
    • Must sign-up in advance (Google form)
    • Must complete self-screener
  • No charge for banquets.
  • If awards are distributed, they should be given in a contactless manner. Awards can be handed to a recipient, but physical contact (shaking hands, hugging, etc.) is prohibited.
  • NISD reserves the right to cancel banquets if COVID numbers warrant.
  • Banquet programs should be limited to 2 hours.